Areas of focus

Possible areas of focus

Following are some ideas that were mentioned in brainstorming.
The list is not binding and definitely open to all ideas

Hamlet beautification
Enhancing the image of the grouch
Utilizing the website
Designation of 16 as a historic trail

Improving our relationship with both counties
Push for needed sidewalks/crosswalks

Community involvement
Our level of commitment to PV Daze, Canada day, family day etc.
Outreach to other community-minded people outside the chamber
Welcome wagon
Recruitment of more members
Floats and parades

Business development
Shop local campaign
Plaques recognizing new business
Awards gala
Attraction of new business
Farmer’s market situation
Professional development
Secret shopper campaign
Attendance at the AB. Chamber of Commerce Convention

Current Members of the for Areas of Focus

These people indicated that they would join the small group meetings
please contact the chair of the focus group you are interested in as soon as possible



 Al Hagman, Chair  780-727-3526
 Irene Lawton 780-554-0431
 Dan and Cheryl Harris  780-515-1756
 John Mcnab
 Kathleen Hull  780-514-0783



 Wes Craddock  780-514-6356
 Gisele Hagman  780-727-3868
 Eric Karlzen  780-727-4676
 Chuck Tierney  780-621-8651
 Don Stewart  780-898-0873  donstewart56@gmail.Com
 John Mcnab  jmcnab@parklandcounty.Com


Community Involvement

 Chuck Tierney, Chair  780-621-8651
 Al Hagman  780-727-3526


Business Development

 Ashley Vella, Chair  780-727-3590, Ext. 67260
 Elizabeth Van Hecke  780-727-2721  vanhecke@telus.Net
 Brenda Rosadiuk  780-542-1186
 Anthony Rosadiuk  780-514-0270
 Stephan Han  780-727-4118
 Wes Craddock  780-514-6356
 Eric Karlzen  780-727-4676